Design and Analysis of Brushless Self-Excited Three-Phase Synchronous Generator

Por:  M. O. Oliveira, A. S. Bretas, F. H. García, L. A. Walantus, H. E. Muñoz, O. E. Perrone and J. H. Reversat


This paper presents the main features of design, construction, performance analyses and experimental studies of a brushless self-excited three-phase synchronous generator. The basic construction, principle of operation, and exciting characteristics are described. In proposed machine the rotor winding is shorted through diodes and the self-excitation is reached by a slip between rotor and stator winding built with different pole numbers. Computer simulations performed with MATLAB® software were used to verify the mathematical model of the brushless self-excited synchronous generator and the achieved results showed similar behavior with experimental values.

Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ), ISSN 2172-038X

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