Viability Study for Use of Rice Husk in Electricity Generation by Biomass

Por: M. O. Oliveira, J. M. Neto, M. C. Inocencio, O. H. Ando Junior, A. S. Bretas and O. E. Perrone


This paper presents the main technical and economic issues related to the study of a rice husk small-scale thermal power generation from a Southern Brazilian Rice Processing Cooperative Agriculture. In this study, a case study energy cogeneration associated with rice processing is presented with the estimated cost of operation and maintenance of a small pilot plant. It is also considered the impact of carbon credits sale inflow funds, which can reduce production costs related to electricity consumption. It will be presented also that the possibility of selling carbon credits, increases the project economic viability by 50%, allowing a reduction in the investment return time by 20%


Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ), ISSN 2172-038X

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