Analyze the Potential of Use Thermoelectric Materials for Power Cogeneration by Energy Harvesting ‐ Brazil

Por: Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior, Anderson Diogo Spacek, João Mota Neto, Oscar Eduardo Perrone,
Mario Orlando Oliveira, Lirio Schaeffer


Thermoelectric materials have a physical behavior that enables the generation of energy. Therefore, his research aims at the formation and consolidation of knowledge about thermoelectric materials and their application of energy harvesting for cogeneration. Two laboratory experiments in this paper have been carried out to demonstrate the potential of this source of energy cogeneration. First of all, the simulation of the application of thermoelectric module in high temperature gradients was made and then the thermoelectric module was applied in a processor in the second experiment operation. The application processor provided unsatisfactory results due to the low temperature gradient. While the laboratory simulation, due to the high temperature gradient, gained desirable results for use in energy harvesting of the industrial processes. The Brazilian Potential for cogeneration of electricity, how Brazil consumes electricity in a year and how much would be possible to save have been examined if the thermoelectric modules were used in the ceramics industry, new cars and airplanes. The result was extremely
promising, resulting from the potential vehicles combustion. Furthermore, the cogeneration using thermoelectric modules is totally clean, avoiding the emission of carbon to the environment.

International Journal of Automation and Power Engineering (IJAPE), ISSN 2161-5055

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