Electrical Engineering

Evaluation of Alternative Disposal and Replacement of Fluorescent Lamps

POR: F. Carlessi, M. O. Oliveira, H. O. Ando Junior, J. M. Neto, A. D. Spacek, V. L. Coelho, L. Schaeffer, H. Bordon, O. E. Perrone, A. S. Bretas


This paper presents a evaluation of the disposal alternatives and substitution of the flourescent lights, in order to contribute with the correct recycling of this product. Initially presents a projection of how much eletricity can be saved by changing the most used lamps by the brazilian for LED lamps (Light-emitting diode). After, a economic viability evaluation also is presented in this study. Also a descriptionof the reciclyng methodologies and disposal of the flourescent lamps and the danger who may be caused for health, are presented with the final conclusions of this research.

Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ), ISSN 2172-038X

Ver en: http://www.icrepq.com/RE&PQJ-11-4.html

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