Electricity Forecasting

Very Short‐Term Electric Load Forecasting Considering Climate and Temporal Variable

Por: Gustavo Figueredo Casagrande, Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior, Mario Orlando Oliveira, Oscar
Eduardo Perrone, José Horacio Reversat

The paper has presented a very short‐term electric load forecasting using climate and temporal variables for a thermoelectric power generation, located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The climatic variables used were wind speed, air temperature and relative humidity combined into a single
value called discomfort index, while the temporal variables consist of two coefficients created from actual values of electricity demand supplied by the thermoelectric power plant company. The projections presented error values of 3.38% and 4.39% for working days and 4.55% and 5.42% in
non‐working days.

International Journal of Automation and Power Engineering (IJAPE), ISSN 2161-5055

Ver as en: http://www.ijape.org//PaperInfo.aspx?ID=14303

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