Solar Energy

Study to Distributed Generation Deployment Using Photovoltaic System Connected in a Grid Residencial Consumer

Por: Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior, Ricardo Macan, João Mota Neto, Mario Orlando Oliveira, Jose Horacio Reversat, Roberto Chouhy Leborgne


This paper presents a study on Photovoltaic System (PVS) and implementation on the electric network in a residential consumer.
In this sense, the rules and regulations for this type of Distributed Generation (DG) are presented. For this application two possible solutions are selected, the first with a PV system connected to the
network with 18 photovoltaic modules monocrystalline silicon, providing a power of 245 Wcc, and the second solution formed for a PVS connected to the network with 15 photovoltaic modules of 290 Wcc. The proposed solution validation is carried out using the simulation software System Advisor Model (SAM). Finally, the analyses results of possible solutions for the deployment of photovoltaic system are presented.

International Journal of Automation and Power Engineering (IJAPE), ISSN 2161-5055

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