Technical Losses; Energy Distribution; Rural Electrification and Lessening

Characterization of Losses at the Distribution System

Por: Álvaro Coelho Bratti, Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior, João Mota Neto, Anderson Diogo Spacek, Vilson Luiz Coelho, André Abelardo Tavares, Mario Orlando Oliveira


This paper shows the importance of the control and the mitigation of technical and non‐technical losses at electric energy distribution systems. For the classification and segmentation of such losses, the calculation methodology from the National Agency of Electric Energy (ANEEL) has been employed, presented at the seventh module of the Proceedings of Electric Energy Distribution at the National
Electric System (PRODIST). As for the application of the exposed methodology, a case study was conducted on the distributor CERSUL, which had not developed a study about losses classification before. It was possible to identify the frailty of the methodology when applied to small systems or
small size companies, since the results of the technical losses are different from the ones suggested by the bibliographical reference and the ones obtained during the measurements.

International Journal of Automation and Power Engineering (IJAPE), ISSN 2161-5055

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